Here’s the deal, you can be ready…OR you can be sorry…you CHOOSE! 
YOU CAN BE 20 pounds thinner in 8 WEEKS! Think about it – 20 pounds lighter and all I’m asking for is 8 weeks.
8 MONDAY’S (and after this Monday it will only be 7 Mondays)
The time will pass anyway…I know that you can do this for 8 weeks. But you can’t just let it happen – you MUST CHOOSE.
You must make a choice to do the right things. For those who have more than 20 lbs to lose – so what. You can start with the first 20. For those who have less. So what! You can start and you’ll be finished faster – but remember if you only have the final 10 lbs to lose it might take a little longer because your caloric requirements are less to maintain your lower weight.
Basically what that means is – Stop Talking and just start regardless of where you are starting or how much you have to lose!
You need to do a few things prior to getting started:
 1. GET THE 17 DAY DIET BOOK (the basic book, nothing else, not the DVD or the workbook!)  
2. BUY The COOKBOOKS  – trust me, trust those who have used them, they work. Those who tried this plan without them, failed. Even if they lost weight they just gained it right back.  BUT now, with the cookbooks, they are losing the weight and more importantly keeping it off. You can purchase them ONLY on HERE, no where else.   IF you are unsure go to the Facebook site (link at the bottom of this post) and ask those who tried the diet without them, (and failed) and those who are now succeeding because of the cookbooks.  They tried using other cookbooks – didn’t work. They tried online recipes (which by the way there are sites posting foods that have no business being part of this diet) and it didn’t work. 
I specifically  take foods and flavors overweight people, in general, like and make them 17 DD friendly.  There are crockpot recipes (at least 30 in Cookbooks 4 and 5 alone) to make it easy.  No more cooking one meal for you and another for the family.  Also, you can’t eat like this for a few weeks, lose weight and then what?  What will you eat?  Unless you plan to eat eggs, chicken and salads the rest of your life you need to give this thought!
Most, without the Cookbooks and just following the 17 Day Diet book have gained the weight back.  So, ask your self on the site – they will tell you!
They make it SO MUCH EASIER – it’s a no brainer….
Purchase 1 thru 4 on sale here:  
Purchase them INDIVIDUALLY here:
And for now you can ONLY get COOKBOOK 5 here:
At the top of this page click on OVERVIEW and the basic starter GROCERY LIST and refresh yourself. 
3. TAKE YOUR BEFORE PHOTO. If you don’t you are 70% more likely to FAIL – so just do it. Again, don’t ask, just do. If you can’t do that, AT LEAST go to the bottom of this page and create your VIRTUAL MODEL. Even if you take your photos, MEASURE and do your VIRTUAL MODEL. Instructions for measuring (where to measure and how to do it) are in the FORUM section on the Facebook Site. The FORUM link is under the LARGE photo of fruits and vegetables next to the PHOTOS link on this page.  (My Facebook site page is the one with the Scales with Feet on them)
Also, it’s a good idea to get a little journal. It can be fancy or not fancy. It can be a drug store spiral notebook for all I care. The easier it is to carry the better. You may not need it, you may need it but I’d like you to have it with you Just In Case
We’ll call it the “Just In Case Of Emergencies” Notebook!

 Again, you can skip these steps…you’ve probably skipped them before right? But, where did that get you? HERE, still needing to diet, that’s where.
 I’m asking you for JUST ONCE…just this time…try it MY WAY.
And now the end is near
And so you face, fats final curtain
 My friend I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full (of food)
I’ve traveled each and every (diet) highway
 So now, to lose your fat, just try it MY WAY…
What do you have to lose?  Except 20lbs!  The 8 weeks will go by anyway.  You can be here 20 lbs thinner – or you can be here just wishing you were 20 lbs thinner.  The choice is yours!
And the 4th thing is this -I’d like to know, but if you don’t want to share, at least write it in your “Just In Case of Emergencies” Notebook (JICOEN) WHY you really want to lose weight.
 Okay, I know your first thought is “Well, Terri, I’M TOO FAT! Are you nuts?” Well, yes, I am a little – but, it’s more.
Why now? Was it a photo? Did you go shopping and couldn’t buy what you wanted to buy or shop in the stores you want to shop in?
 Was it something someone said? Is it about your marriage or partnership? Is it about sex? Are you tired of always being the “largest” one of your family or friends? Are you letting life pass by waiting for all you’ll do when you lose weight? Get married? Have a baby? Go to the pool? Take a dance class? What is it REALLY and TRULY inside that is holding you back.
You know how Dr. Phil says “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge?” Well, it’s true – so since it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY this round for you to do it MY WAY and lose this weight I’m asking you to sit down for 30 minutes or so, with no distractions, no TV, no people, etc. and REALLY THINK – WHAT IS IT? WHY do I want or need to do this? Or, has it just gone on too long? Whatever it is…this will be important to you later.
Trust me…it will. You don’t even have to tell me – although it helps to know a little and you can use the PRIVATE BOARD for that – what’s important is you put some REAL thought into this. A list would be nice in your JICOEN – but take 20-30 minutes (YOu’re certainly worth that right?) and give this serious consideration.
 You may not even be fully aware of it yourself right now but you need to be. So, really do your best to get to the nitty gritty. Get to the bottom of it and let’s get it on the table once and for all and figure it out!
IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS – Look in the Forum Section on the FB site - link below (top right under the large photo of vegetables and fruits) for detailed instructions on where and how to measure and take your BEFORE PHOTOS
NOTE: On the FACEBOOK site we also have a private page if don’t want to discuss your weight issues publicly.  There are directions on the Main FB page on how to apply for membership!
If you can’t take your before photo at least create your Virtual Model – link below. Some of you are hesitant in getting your photos taken or taking them yourself. I can’t tell how great a tool this is…the reality is you need to face reality. You need to see what you look like. Soooo….
Here is a great opportunity to do this without a camera. This will give you general idea of what those proportions really add up to.
 As you know I don’t allow links on the board unless they’ve been approved by me…and in general I don’t post them…I want this board to be more conversational for one and more importantly I just don’t have time to review each link for suitability. I did it at one time and it became a problem for various reasons so I just don’t do it now….BUT, this one is an exception…and the benefits enormous.
As you lose weight remember to re-create your virtual model every 10 lbs or so!  It’s a great motivator!
Make sure you have PLENTY of great food to eat.  Do NOT try to do this with chicken breasts, eggs and salad.  You won’t last.  And, even if you did, then what?  What will you eat to keep the weight off?  The cookbooks are not “diet cookbooks” they are foods you can AND MUST eat, and feed your family forever.  It makes me so happy when people say their kids are goobling up this good healthy food and the chips and cookies are GONE!
If you eat what you ate – you will weigh what you weighed!  This goes for the bad food and the good!
It’s important to decide what you will eat for the rest of your life NOW! Put effort into your food.  No more brainless eating!  You can lose weight and eat DELICIOUS FOOD with just a little effort and organization.   Yes, getting started is tricky if you are not used to preparing food but that’s how you gained!
Here’s my feeling on the photos – if you’re too lazy to do the few steps outlined here to prepare to be 20 POUNDS THINNER in 8 weeks, 8 more MONDAYS…. to weigh 5 lbs less in a week – then, you are not ready.  It’s that simple.  Those who try to skip the steps, just can’t do it.  Maybe you can do it next week.  Or the next week. BUT, if you are trying to find shortcuts now, and skip steps now, then you are making the goal further away not nearer.

With 10,500 people on the FB site – do you really think if there was a quicker way someone wouldn’t have come up with it?  OH, they try but they fail.  I’ve taken the things that the majority of people have succeeded at and I’m going to guide you through.  You don’t have to think – just DO.  That’s all. In fact, TRY NOT TO THINK…you will think your self right back into those stretch pants!




The past couple of posts and the next few posts are about Mind over Body

Sure we can change our eating but I guarantee you if you don’t change your thinking and your relationship with food the weight loss won’t last.  The triggers that got you overweight will remain and you will be back here with those same extra pounds and statistically you will have added on at least a few more.

Are you stressed?  I know I have been so stressed lately it’s not even reasonable!  I feel like I’m living in a house of cards on a very windy day with thunderstorms and tornado warnings in the forecast.  So, can this really negatively affect my weight loss?  Can this stress really prevent me (and YOU) from losing weight even if I’m not eating more than I was before?  Unfortunately the answer is “YES” it can.

There are several ways in which stress can contribute to weight gain. One has to do with cortisal, a stress hormone. When we’re under stress, the fight or flight is triggered in our bodies leading to the release of various hormones one of which is cortisal.

Whether we’re stressed because of constant, crazy demands at work or we’re really in danger, our bodies respond like we’re about to be harmed and need to fight for our lives (or run like heck). To answer this need, we experience a burst of energy, shifts in metabolism and blood flow and other physical changes.

If you remain in this stressed state for a prolonged amount of time due to chronic stress your health becomes at risk.  When I tell people that stress can indeed cause weight gain they immediately think “Oh I know that because stress makes me want to eat more” and that’s true but do you understand WHY it makes you want to eat more?

Metabolism — Do you feel like you’re prone to putting on more weight when you’re stressed, even if you’re eating the same amount of food as you always have? Too much cortisol can slow your metabolism, (great, just what we need, right?) causing more weight gain than you would normally experience even if you’re eating EXACTLY THE SAME. (Not exactly what you want to hear, right?)

Cravings and Emotional Eating — OK, you’re stressed. Do you reach for a nice salad or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? I’ll bet on the latter. People experiencing chronic stress tend to crave more fatty, salty and sugary foods. This includes sweets, processed food and other things that aren’t as good for you. Why do we naturally want to reach for those and not a bag of carrot sticks?  Well, there are a few reasons:

You’re three years old, you fall and hurt your knee and Gramma or Mommy says “Here Sweetie, come and get a cookie!”  Almost instantly, like magic, you’re not crying, the house is quiet, Gramma is happy and even though Gramma had the best of intentions, she’s helped start you on the path to connecting food with comfort. 

So now when you’re bored, unhappy, stressed or restless and you crave comfort you also “crave” cookies…but are you really craving a cookie or are you actually craving the feeling you got at 3 years old when Gramma instantly fixed every problem you had in the world with a Snickerdoodle!?!

Many of us have comforting childhood memories that revolve around food. Whether your parents used to reward you with ice cream, fix your boo boo’s with a Snickerdoodle or make your favorite meal (or take you out to one) to celebrate your successes, you’d probably be in the vast minority if you didn’t develop some emotionally-based attachments to food while growing up.

In times of stress few things can be as powerfully comforting, rewarding and as easily available as your favorite food. Because many people don’t develop more effective coping strategies, this type of emotional eating is very common: people eat to celebrate, eat to feel better and (this is the REAL KICKER) some of us actually eat to deal with the stress of being overweight.

Social Eating:  Often people who are under stress will seek out social support, right?  Talking to a friend is often a great way to relieve stress. Unfortunately for dieters, when people get together — especially women — we tend to go out for a nice meal. Crying on your friend’s shoulder over a couple of hot fudge sundaes, going out for a night on the town and a plate full of fried appetizers, sharing a bowl of chips, or discussing the gory details of a nightmare date over Chunky Monkey ice cream with your roommates (didn’t this occur in every episode of Friends or Rhoda?) are all social forms of emotional eating. It can make you feel better in the short term, but you will likely regret it later.

Blood Sugar — Prolonged stress can alter your blood sugar levels, causing mood swings, fatigue, and conditions like hyperglycemia. Too much stress has even been linked to metabolic syndrome a cluster of health concerns that can lead to greater health problems, like heart attacks and diabetes.

Fat Storage — Excessive stress even affects where we tend to store fat. Higher levels of stress are linked to greater levels of abdominal fat. Unfortunately, abdominal fat is not only aesthetically undesirable; it’s linked with greater health risks than fat stored in other areas of the body.

Nervous Energy:  When stressed or anxious, many people become “orally fidgety.” Sometimes this leads to nail biting or teeth grinding, and often it leads to eating when not hungry. Many people, out of nervousness or boredom, just munch on chips or drink soda to give their mouths something to do. Others will eat to stay awake.  Tired at work?  Get that three o’clock after slump?  There are even commercials on TV that lead you to believe a candy bar is the “cure” for this afternoon crash but the reality is foods like candy bars that are filled with sugar are exactly what can contribute to these afternoon crashes!

Stuffing Emotions:  Another emotional reason that many people overeat is to quiet uncomfortable emotions. People who are uncomfortable with confrontation may deal with frustrations in their marriage with a piece of cake, for example, rather than with open communication. Food can take the focus off of anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, and a host of other emotions we’d sometimes rather not feel, and is often used for this purpose.

While there are many reasons for emotional eating, and it’s a prevalent fixture in our society, it’s not necessarily good for us, as anyone who’s watching their weight will tell you. If you’re an emotional eater, it’s important for you to be aware of this, keep an eye on your triggers, and develop some effective stress management techniques and coping skills so that your body stays healthy and you choose foods on the plan, rather than feeling out of control.

Too Busy to Exercise — With all the demands on your schedule, compounded by added stress, exercise may be one of the last things on your to-do list. If so, you’re not alone. Americans live a more sedentary lifestyle than we have in past generations, yet our minds seem to be racing from everything we have to do. Unfortunately, from sitting in traffic, clocking hours at our desks, and plopping in front of the TV in exhaustion at the end of the day, exercise often goes by the wayside.  I mean think about it, after a stressful day at work vegging out mindlessly in front of the TV often sounds much more appealing than coming home, undressing, putting on your workout clothes and sweating it up for an hour!  Well, at least it does to me!

Time Management and Fast Food – It’s not hard to see why one of the big reasons we’re seeing more obesity in our society these days is that people are too stressed and busy to make healthy dinners at home often opting to get fast food at the nearest drive-thru instead.   One thing we all notice especially at the beginning of this eating plan is suddenly we seem to be cooking a lot.  There’s no doubt that changing what we eat starts in the kitchen.  We need to be prepared and as we depend less and less on prepackaged and processed foods we find ourselves spending more time in the kitchen.  (Not a bad or difficult thing once you get organized but it is necessary) 


So, you’re doing pretty well, sticking to the plan until your boss’s birthday comes along and a cake shows up in the office. You’re doing pretty well sticking with the plan when next thing you know all heck breaks loose and the only way to squeeze in lunch is at the local fast food joint. Does this sound familiar?  You give in to the cake or the double cheeseburger with fries and after that, things really go downhill. You start off feeling a little guilty, and the next thing you know, you’re eating everything in sight and telling yourself you’ll start over tomorrow, or next week, or after Labor Day or after Easter or… when?  

So, what’s really going on here? Were you just standing in the wrong line when they were handing out will power…? No, not likely.  Do you have some deep, subconscious desire to not lose weight that compels you to sabotage yourself?  Possible, but probably not.  Most likely the problem is you sent yourself on a toxic guilt trip!

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m all for an appropriate level of guilt. It lets you know when you’re letting yourself (or someone else) down, and reminds you that your impulses are not the most important things in the universe. But there’s guilt, and then there’s GUILT.

The main difference between healthy guilt and its toxic quilt is a matter of when you feel it. Appropriate guilt is the kind you feel before you do something you don’t want to do, while things are still in the thinking-about-it stage and there is still a chance you can choose not to do the thing that makes you feel guilty.

This might not be such a bad thing, if it meant you could get rid of the disabling, toxic guilt that comes with having an overactive, perfectionist conscience. But that’s not what happens. In fact, just the opposite happens.

When you routinely push aside the little voice in your head that tells you, for your own sake, that you may want to think twice about eating that candy or double cheeseburger, it doesn’t go away. It just moves a couple of steps further down the chain of events and gets even louder. Now, instead of hearing that voice before you act, you don’t hear it until after you’ve already done the thing you might not really have wanted to do. Instead of a gentle voice reminding you to think before you act, it’s screaming at you about what you already did wrong and what a jerk you are. This compels you to spend way too much time worrying about why you keep doing this sort of thing, and getting down on yourself to the point that you become your own worst enemy. This is toxic guilt, and it is not your friend.


Mind over Body:  End the Toxic Guilt Trip:

Fortunately, the solution to the problem of toxic guilt is really quite simple, at least in theory. All you have to do are three simple things:

When that quiet, nagging voice in your head starts saying that you are about to do something it doesn’t approve of, listen to it. Stop what you’re doing for a few moments to ask yourself, “Is this what I really want to do?”

If you agree with the voice, decide not do the thing in question. If you disagree, decide to do it. And if you’re not sure (or if you halfway want to and halfway don’t), try to postpone your decision (and action) until you’ve had a chance to sort things out a little more.   

Remember, dieting, like life, is made up of choices and every choice has a consequence.

After you’ve made your decision, act! Then take a few more seconds to notice how you feel about what you just did. Nothing fancy here, no psychoanalyzing yourself, no reading yourself the riot act if you didn’t do what you wanted.

Just note in your journal what you decided, what you actually did, and how you felt afterwards. File this in the memory banks for future reference.

Now, you could be sitting there right now saying to yourself, “What the heck is this woman talking about? The whole problem is that I never hear that little voice until after the fact. The minute I see that cake or smell that cheeseburger cooking, I go on autopilot and stuff it in my mouth.”

This is NOT true. The little voice is there, you just aren’t hearing it because you’re more accustomed to your louder toxic guilt.

To train yourself to hear the little voice before it’s too late, just keep practicing the three steps above until it becomes second nature to STOP and ASK yourself what you really want to do before you act.

REMEMBER THE COOKBOOKS 1-4 are STILL ON SALE and COOKBOOK 5 is in PRE-SALE.  If you have questions please email me at:


The SECRET to what you can do TODAY to get on track….

THE SECRET…The thing you can do TODAY….to get started, get on track, get back on track, stay on track, or just get that extra push we need sometimes.
Okay…are you ready for ”THE Secret?” 
Well, first, before I share I want to remind you of your commitment.  Remember….?  You were willing to do ANYTHING just to get back on track, right?  And actually I’m not asking for much.  Really.  Just a couple minutes of your time and you can make this as elaborate or as simple as you want.  Are you ready for the key to stop the “little white lies we tell our thighs?”
One word.
Okay, here goes….
I heard that!  I think you just moved the Richter Scale!  I can hear you collectively moaning all the way over here on the West Coast.  I know this will not make me very popular today (especially since you’ve all “Committed” already) But I KNOW that photos can help you get started, get back on track, stay on track and not only to lose the weight but to keep it off. Often we gain weight so we avoid photos whenever possible.
Or if you’re like me you’re sneaky and you make sure if you’re ever in a position of being in a photo you also make sure you’re in a position to put a kid or another “thing”; person, animal, plant, vegetable – in front of you. (At least in front of the largest parts of you!) Did you notice that in my photos I’m standing behind a child, peeking behind a plant or next to a large dolphin?
Not by accident my friend!
Here’s what happens…we avoid photos or “hide” in them and after a while we forget what we REALLY look like.  Sure we know we need to lose some weight…we see the number on the scale right?  But you see; it’s JUST A NUMBER.  That and a pair of stretch pants will get you all the way to the first of the year with 10 extra pounds and you won’t even know the difference! 
IT’s easy to “fake” it and food ourselves to the reality of what we REALLY look like. You know why many people start diets after the first of the year? Because suddenly everybody is snapping photos and passing them around.  Until you see them you just assume you sort of look like you looked in the last photos we allowed to have taken of us which was possibly a year or more ago!
Sure you know your pants are tight, or you have to unsnap your jeans when you sit down (if you can still get in your jeans) and you know the sizes when you try on clothes are getting tighter but do you REALLY know what you look like? NOW?  Today?  Chances are you don’t. If you think you know because you tried on clothes recently, think again.  The stores use “skinny mirrors”.  They sell a lot more clothing that way!  And, think about this -  if you don’t like the way you look in that dressing room mirror – that’s most likely the way you look in a skinny mirror!  I just found out my entire house has skinny mirrors. (God help me) How did I find out? PHOTOS! Not the “hiding behind the dolphin photos” but the FRONT, RIGHT SIDE, LEFT SIDE, REAR SIDE photos I had to have taken for the show.
Our perception of ourselves is off. We start to believe the little tricks we’ve used to hide our weight from others. Suddenly you’re shopping in “specialty stores” or “special” departments.  You’re  wearing shirts out – nothing tucked in. We say “NO” to belts. Spend hours searching for just the right tunic to hide our behinds! We start wearing stretch material pants. With elastic waists.
Did I know I was overweight? YES. Did I know I needed to lose weight? YES. Did I really understand what I looked like? NO.
No, I really didn’t. These are the little white lies we tell our thighs… This is NOT a lesson in humiliation. I’m not saying you will look so terrible you will HAVE to lose weight. What I’m saying is I don’t think you really know what you look like and if you did it wouldn’t be so hard to change it. We forget. We start to believe our own little white lies. We think we look like the last photo we had taken – and there was a reason we started “hiding” after that last photo. We didn’t like the way we looked.
Except it wasn’t too bad, just a few pounds, 10 maybe 20, right? So instead of changing it, at the time, it was easier to change the way we dressed or in my case, where I stood when having my picture taken. Or, maybe it was a bad photo, right?  Maybe that extra chin or three was just the way I was sitting! But over time the little pounds add up. Maybe the next photo instead of thinking, “I’m not looking so great, I really need to lose weight now before this becomes an even bigger problem (literally)!” we think “Wow, that’s a horrible photo of me!” Or, “I just don’t take a good photo anymore! Or maybe we even think, “That Bob is a terrible photographer!”
Taking your photo has multiple purposes. One, it’s a reality check. When you take the photo let it all hang out. Set the timer on the photo if you don’t want anyone else to see it. Show your stomach (for the show they initially asked me if I could wear a bikini – they obviously had no idea the full extent of my “problem” when I started the diet!)
Two, a reminder, when you just feel that it’s all too much and you’d rather have a pork rind that a flat belly (Hey, we all have those times, yes?) Take out the photo, look at it and remember why you really want to make these changes (mirrors don’t do the same thing, they can lie, but if it helps you to stand naked in front of the mirror and take your inventory, then by all means, DO IT, but still take your photo please) Same thing when you hit an emotional trigger whether it’s anger, sadness, loneliness, instead of eating TAKE OUT YOUR PHOTO!
Thirdly, this will be a tool in helping you keep the weight off. A reminder to what that one ice cream sundae or plate of pasta a week can add up to! If we all lived nearby I’d take everybody’s photo but I can’t so I’ll leave it up to you. But please, you will never weigh more than you do TODAY so don’t put it off!
Do it TODAY.
Try to take a new photo every 10 pounds and in the future, should you gain weight, and we all do occasionally, 10 pounds up, TAKE A PHOTO – and I’m not talking about a photo when you’re hiding behind a kid, a dolphin or a plant! You know what I mean…no more little white lies to our thighs, right?
Trust me…THIS HELPS. 
You Need THIS REMINDER. And you need to look at it every day.  No one else has to see it if you don’t want.  Or you can show it to the world or post it here, I don’t care.  But I do care that you take it or have it taken. You all have 24 hours to meet your commitment.  Preferably with a bathing suit, shorts, or something where you can “check yourself out.”  If possible a front, back and side view. Also it really helps when you want to eat something if you look at those photos first and say out loud three times: “A moment on my lips, a lifetime on THESE hips! Yeah, these hips right here in this picture!”
Actually I don’t know if that will help but it can’t hurt right? And it sure makes you think about the REAL COST of that Twinkie.
And remember, no one has to see the photos but you (well except in my case where I sent them to a NATIONALLY TELECASTED TV SHOW – Holy Moly, what the heck was I thinking!?!?) If you’re very clever, unlike me, you can set the time up on your camera and you don’t even need a second person to take the photos. There are other reasons too…one is those who take the photos seem to feel more committed than those who like to “skip steps.” Always looking for the quickest fix.  Even though the quickest fix might be to use the photos – if they don’t believe that, that won’t try it. 
Step out of your comfort zone (Are you really in your comfort zone anyway?  If you feel overweight?) Face the facts.  Face the camera. Another tip…for those who are having trouble getting started, are you weighing?  This is a funny fact…when people are on the plan and eating healthy…they are weighing 10 times a day.  After peeing, taking rings off, hair ties, glasses….but when they are eating poorly they avoid the scale like the plague!  It has to be the other way around. 
When you are on an eating plan and IN CONTROL of your food, you don’t need to weigh.  When you are NOT on a plan, or find yourself avoiding the scale you know you are in for trouble. So, if you’ve been avoiding the scale…the time is now.  Have you taken your photos yet? Are you going to take your photos? You are, right? You better take those photos!  And if you don’ should first ask yourself, “how committed am I really if I won’t even do this?”  Losing weight takes work.  It takes going to places we’re a little uncomfortable with emotionally, physically and psychologically…if it was easy we wouldn’t be here in the first place, right?  RIGHT!
Don’t make me come over there.
And there.
And there.
And over there!
Really, you’ll thank me for it later.


Okay, time to fess up….have you fallen off a little? A lot?

Has your get-up-and-go, got-up-and-gone? Do you feel like it’s just hopeless? Or maybe you’ll just wait until the first of the year?

Can you just not seem to pull it together…especially now tahat the days are shorter and it’s dark and getting colder over much of the hemisphere and summer seems SO FAR AWAY there’s plenty of time to worry about a bathing suit, right?

We all start out energetic and determined to start a healthy lifestyle on the 17 Day Diet.  We have enthusiasm and hope, we watch our food diligently and exercise like it’s going out of style…we even manage to avoid temptation that seems to lurk around every corner!  But, then what?

Maybe you ate a piece of birthday cake and it was so good your one slice suddenly became two. Realizing you had “blown” your diet, you ate a small slice of pizza.  Then maybe another and maybe even another and couldn’t get it together the next day either.

Or worse, maybe you missed one workout and that turned into a whole week away from the gym. After that, your momentum to start over again was gone, and your gym bag hasn’t left the closet since.

Every time you mess up on your healthy journey, you have two choices: to keep walking backwards, which will surely take you even further away from your goals; or to accept your lack of perfection (OH MY GOSH, I’ve got to be kidding, right?) as normal and forgivable, and take not one, but two positive steps down the path that brings your closer to the future you want.

OR, are you still going strong? Following a plan? Still losing and your workout routine has never been better? Where are you on the spectum?

I have a “FIX”. But you have to PROMISE me, if I tell you what it is you’ll do it?

I will tell you this…the “fix” is easy. It only takes a few minutes (I won’t make you commit to a lifetime of misery without knowing what it is! That wouldn’t be fair would it?) All you have to do is say “YES, I will commit to doing one thing, that will take only minutes to do, that will get me back on track, and I’ll do it in the next 48 hours NO MATTER WHAT! I PROMISE

That’s all you have to do…then, I will give you the magic, sure fire fix! It’s that easy! I promise you it doesn’t cost anything. You don’t have to leave your house. You don’t need another person. You don’t need any special ingredients. Are you GAME? Do you REALLY want to get back on track? If so, today is your day!

Yes I will give you the KEY  but YOU have to commit.  That no matter what you will do this ONE THING to get on track. 

And, it does work…it will get you back on track faster than anything I know…and I’ve worked with THOUSANDS of dieters over the year…what is it?  Stay tuned….answer is coming….



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